Dear Customer,

Woodsun welcomes you at our official website. Please note you will never see two identic wooden frames as wood is a natural material: color gradation and imperfection are the peculiar properties showing its naturally occurring. The sunglasses are finished with organic coating thus protecting the multiply construction of the frame. Woodsun selects basic materials very carefully, that is why the lenses we use have high optical precision and 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Use specification

When designing the sunglasses Woodsun aimed not only  to produce a personal protective equipment but  also demonstrate each owner`s individuality. The wooden sunglasses require delicate handling in accordance with the sunglasses made of common materials.   It is not recommended to wear the sunglasses while swimming as moisture adversely affects the wood. One should keep the sunglasses in the case.  Do not put the sunglasses with lenses against the rough surface. Use the original accessories and spare parts primary.


 It is recommended to apply wax coating on the frame once or twice a year in accordance with the frequency of use.  Clean the lenses with a piece of soft cloth applying special cleaners. Do not use abrasives or mud materials that may damage filters.

Important information

Hypersensitivity is possible! Please seek medical help before making purchase if you are sensitive to a certain material.

It is unsuitable to wear the sunglasses while driving under the conditions of poor visibility ( through the tunnels, at night  time and etc.).


Woodsun warrants the goods for 1 year (365 days) since the purchase date. Only production defects are covered under the warranty. Woodsun reserves the right to deem the defects and if it is approved Woodsun will repair the product or replace to the similar one for free.

The following events are not classified as warranty

- inappropriate use of the product including breaking use specification requirements, negligent treatment and/or storage

- force-majeure circumstances (fire, accident and etc.)

- sunglasses components with limited useful life (6 months) normal aging: nose pads, external screws

- any mechanical failure of the sunglasses as a result of the fall, impact and etc.